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Everyday Circus debuts their first full-length album Mirrors on Jan 15, 2016. It contains timeless rock music, both brutal and beautiful.

If you wish to be able to read minds, maybe you should start by reading your own.
Those who say "it will never change", are right - IT will stay that way. But YOU don't have to!

Since last summer, the four guys from South West Germany have been working on their debut. They rehearsed everyday and then relocated to a remote farm to lay the foundation for their record. 2015 was dedicated wholly to perfectionism. The resulting music is as diverse as the feelings that evoked it.

For many, rock is like a movie past its happy ending. The princess has bitten the apple again but Everyday Circus give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Sounding timeless without drowning in nostalgia. Being 2016 without needing to.

Because zeitgeist is really just that, a ghost. And who believes in ghosts?


Everyday Circus veröffentlichen am 15.01.2016 mit Mirrors ihr Debütalbum. Darauf findet man zeitlose Rockmusik, die das Brachiale genauso braucht wie das Schöne.

Wer den Wunsch verspürt, Gedanken lesen zu können, der sollte einfach mit den Eigenen anfangen.
Wer immer sagt, es wird sich nie ändern, hat Recht!
ES bleibt, DU musst aber nicht.

Seit Sommer des letzten Jahres arbeiten die vier Saarländer an ihrem Debüt. Es ging täglich in den Proberaum, um dann auf einem abgelegenen Hof in der Pfalz das Fundament für die Platte zu legen. Wie wärs mit "2015 wurde dann komplett dem Perfektionismus gewidmet. Die daraus entstandene Musik ist so vielschichtig wie die Gefühle, die sie verursacht haben.

Dabei ist Rock für viele ein Film, der sein Happy End schon überschritten hat. Die Prinzessin hat schon wieder in den Apfel gebissen. Aber Everyday Circus geben Mund-zu-Mund-Beatmung! Zeitlos klingen, ohne in Nostalgie zu ertrinken. 2016 sein, ohne es zu müssen.

Der Zeitgeist ist eben auch nur ein Geist. Und wer glaubt schon an Geister?


released January 15, 2016

all music written by matteo schwanengel/marc manc weber/eren selcuk/simon mills müller except “round and round”, “a color in between” and “bloom”, written by marc manc weber/matteo schwanengel/eren selcuk/simon mills müller • all lyrics written by matteo schwanengel/marc manc weber/simon mills müller/eren selcuk except “I am your anchor”, “a color in between”, “bloom” lyrics written by marc manc weber/matteo schwanengel/simon mills müller/eren selcuk and “let me talk”, ”every second is a waste of something”, “your own” lyrics written by simon mills müller/matteo schwanengel/marc manc weber/eren selcuk • produced by everyday circus and phil hillen • recorded, mixed and mastered by phil hillen at su2 studio in illingen/saarwellingen and luke’s farm in pirmasens except “bloom” mixed by matteo schwanengel at su2 studio in saarwellingen • artwork by simon müller • management: lukas adamidis • thanks to our families and friends! • everyday-circus.com

© & ℗ 2016 everyday circus gbr. all rights reserved. made in the eu gema. LC 15674 / EAN 9007970010917



all rights reserved


Everyday Circus Merzig, Germany

Timeless rock music, both loud and beautiful.

Everyday Circus are:

Matteo Schwanengel (Lead Vocals & Guitar)
Marc Weber (Guitar, Keys & Vocals)
Eren Selcuk (Bass)
Simon Müller (Drums)

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Track Name: Falling
far away I′ve grown too old
too old to know what brought me there
I fear it′s been too long
behind an open door
stay out of reach
I′ve been there

I′ve been falling
gotta awake my pride
won′t you take my side

where I′m all alone
in my struggle to carry off my load
for I could use a hand to back my spine
Track Name: Shaking
same old, same cold attitude
sane boy, my joy ending it

keep digging
all my shovels broke
won′t happen again
keep digging
till my body′s sore
I could use a hand

don′t you lag I′m shaking
flaws appear – now break it
few steps left so take ′em
your ache ain′t real so shake it

kept digging
I′m almost through
all prepared
if there is nothing left to stand on
what you gonna do
Track Name: I Am Your Anchor
I think you know me inside out
it′s changing me
my thoughts keep turning me around
it′s safe to see
I think I′m losing it
I think you′re dying to see

I think you treat me like a doll
I crave to be
you think you know me ′cause you′re old
it′s make-believe
you wave my hands about
and slap me right on my cheek

our world was filled with laughter
our words were filled with laughter

I am your anchor
I′m drawing you in
I am your anchor
you′re calling me in
I am no stranger
I′m here as your friend
I am your anchor

you′ve never looked at us as one
you make me feel
as if I′m in this all alone
you make me feel
like I am someone else
the way you want me to be

your anchor
your friend

show me how it′s done
I am your anchor
Track Name: Not Gone
never been into something you shared
′cause I know you′re wrong
all that I ask for
is something to care about

look at me now
about to choose
things are passing as I′m thinking through
why we won′t part
and though I′m not gone

you got away with these old habits of yours
I cannot stand them
nor should I pretend anymore

I know by now
I should move on

and I cut myself loose
why won′t you let go
Track Name: Round And Round
pain does
fuel it now
still it turns
round and round

something gave the drive
still it turns
rather grinds

I wonder why it′s holding
all this weight
what it takes
I won′t watch it spinning
till it breaks
soon you′ll break

some play it cool
a smile outshines
the fear inside
some stay calm
blood and tears
boil inside
Track Name: Who Cares At All
feel the same as before
I never tried to take that ride
cause my chains to slip
and don′t try to compromise

and it seems to stay
the way it was
the way I am
didn′t change a thing
I should slow down
it hurts to fall
who cares at all

bring it on
I′ve been haunted
I lost my way
Track Name: Let Me Talk
will it ever be enough
to read my own mind
am I trying hard enough
to see through your eyes

two steps ahead
but still around
while you turn your back
I hope I′m getting on
to you
I want to catch up at last
to you
it seems like I want to pass

let me talk
let me sing
although we do not agree
let me talk
let me sing
there′s more than our ways to see

to me
you seem to just go astray
to you
it′s only to find a way
Track Name: A Color In Between
wring me out
and turn me upside down
hang me up
swaying in the breeze

there′s a constant in this scene
it′s a color in between
like a never-ending motion
but it can′t be seen

I don′t wanna know
yeah I know you do

fold me up
and keep me in your pocket
draw me out
and wear me on your sleeve

all that I see is a strange world to me
I am someone else
I′m like someone else
I can see a causeway to the sun
I can feel the warmth on my arms
I can see the bright sky over me
yet I fear that it′s all in my head

I can see it
I can feel it
Track Name: Every Second Is A Waste Of Something
hands unseen they reach out to me
one direction each
they pull on me

why can′t I just decide
how could I choose while I
must keep my eyes
on what came to my side

tied to the ground
there′s only missing out
tied to the ground
I′m lost with what I′ve found

hands they seek to drag me away
If I turn my head
what′s there for me

what if I gave in
in a change of heart
if I′d just let it happen
would it tear me apart

every second is a waste of something
don′t make the call
and get no choice at all
from where you′re standing
each direction is forward
what you refuse
you′re bound to lose
Track Name: Your Own
count me in
I′m your own

make me spin
I′m your own

talk to me
and I′ll make you believe
it′s true
I am your own
′cause I know I see
just the way it will be
it′s true
I am your own

hold it in
I′m your own
it will begin
I′m your own
yours alone

and I don′t wanna be your friend
Track Name: Bloom
hey bloom at night
unharmed and colorful
in faint light
they look so beautiful

you watch the world from my shoulders
you touch the ceiling I can′t quite see
you take the world off my shoulders
you make me realize

they see me falling apart
they build me back up
they see me falling apart

in every way
Track Name: Moving Along
you′re about to kill it
catching fire′s all that you want
you′re about to burn it
keep it cool is all that you want

you′re in between
right next to me
moving along

you′re about to choke me
to spare my breath is all that you want
you′re about to melt me
keep me warm is all that you want

you′re about to break me
hold me tight is all that you want
everyone is leaving
being around is all that you want

am I doing you wrong

I′m not leaving
I will pass through your disguise
all I care for is to keep you by my side
you′re more than you give
I back both sides
′cause all that you give you leave behind